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  • GLSEN (01/19/2017) – The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) provides informative research and a ton of resources to help improve the education experience and lives of LGBTQ students.Please click here to access this resource.
  • GLSEN’s Safe Space Kit (01/19/2017) – This includes concrete strategies that help you support LGBT students, educate about anti-LGBT bias and advocate for changes in schools. Safe Space stickers and posters are also available for your office. Please click here to access this resource.
  • Bullying (01/19/2017) – A federal website managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Please click here to access this website.
  • Bullying and LGBTQ Youth (01/19/2017) – This includes information about bullying and LGBT youth, how to create a safe environment for LGBT youth, federal civil rights laws regarding sexual orientation, and resources on how to deal with LGBT bullying. Please click here to access this resource.

Children’s Mental Health Matters Campaign (01/19/2017) – A campaign dedicated to stressing the importance of children’s mental health through events, workshops, the media and other methods of raising awareness. Please click here to learn more.

  • Family Resource Kit: Crisis Services (01/19/2017) – Includes fact sheets for families, covering topics such as crisis services, grief, trauma, and LGBTQ youth, among others. Please click here to access this PDF.
  • Youth perspectives about therapy. (12/05/16) Having a youth’s perspective on their own mental health treatment can be important for increasing awareness of psychosocial interventions and to reduce stigma around seeking help. Read through what the Philadelphia Alliance for Child Trauma Services’ Youth Advisory Board created as a helpful guide for therapists and caregivers to remember when addressing their mental health. Please click here to access the guide.

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Last Quarterly EBS Committee Roundtable Presentation

  • June 06, 2017 – Hawai’i Child Welfare Services (CWS) Overview: Listen to Rachel Thornburn, Theresa Minami, Kathryn Boyer, and Laurie Jicha provide an introductory overview to Hawaii’s Child Welfare Services system. Please click here to access this presentation.

Upcoming EBS Roundtable Presentation

  • Hawaii Child Welfare Services (CWS) Overview: (06/06/2017) Join us at Shriners Hospital for Children from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. To access this presentation please click here and here.