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Multisystemic Therapy [MST]

Multisystemic Therapy [MST]

Multisystemic Therapy [MST]
a community and family based program designed to help 12-17 year old youth with disruptive problems.  MST promotes positive change by supporting and aligning caregivers within all of the youth’s “systems” (home, school, church, etc.).  MST also provides 24/7 crisis consultation services to families.  MST can also help teenagers with substance abuse problems or those who’ve experienced traumatic stress.  It typically takes around 4 months to complete but this length of time can change depending on the situation.

What should my therapist be doing?

  • Working flexibly with you, your child, and the various environments in his life (e.g., church, school, probation officer, etc.)
  • Identifying problem behaviors and the causes of these behaviors
  • Focusing treatment on your child’s strengths
  • Breaking down larger treatment goals into smaller ones
  • Teaching your child various skills (e.g., problem-solving, skill-building, educational/vocational planning, etc.)
  • Helping you use behavior management (youth monitoring, praise, differential reinforcement, rewards, problem-solving, maintenance) and other skills (e.g., psychoeducation of behavior problems, individual/marital therapy, parental coping) across various settings,

 What should I be doing?

  • Attending all of the treatment sessions
  • Utilizing your new set of behavior management skills
  • Ensuring that your child practices the skills that he has learned in session
  • Consistently enforce the rules that are established in your home

How will I know if it is working?

  • Your child’s disruptive behavior will gradually decrease.
  • The communication between your family members will improve.
  • Your child’s interaction with peers and family members will improve (e.g., less fighting).
  • Your child will follow rules at home and school more often.