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Meditation for beginners

How worrying affects the body

  • What happens with excessive worrying? What is anxiety? Can excessive worry make me physically ill? Find out the answers to these questions and more here.

How to quit smoking

  • Whether you’re a teen smoker or a lifetime pack–a–day smoker, quitting can be tough. But the more you learn about your options and prepare for quitting, the easier the process will be.

How to deal with loneliness

  • Are you coping with or struggling to understand your feelings of loneliness? Discover ways to effectively deal with and change these feelings.

What to do when you can’t afford therapy

  • Your financial situation shouldn’t prevent from receiving therapy. Check out these options to see how you can afford your treatment.

The Health and Psychological Benefits of Bonding with a Pet Dog

  • See how pets can influence your psychological well-being.