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techniques for changing an event’s meaning through discussing the child’s thoughts on those events. This is frequently done through the child keeping a “thought record.” These records are usually worksheets that outline predictions in a way to test them for accuracy. The goal of doing this technique is to positively influence the child’s thinking style, so that they can better cope with stress.


“What should my therapist be doing?”

  • Helping your child challenge his unrealistic negative thoughts
  • Helping your child develop more realistic thoughts

“What should I be doing?”

  • Helping your child identify when he is having unrealistic negative thoughts
  • Helping your child come up with more realistic thoughts
  • Praising your child for using this new technique in day to day settings.

“How will I know if it is working?”

  • Your child’s thoughts are less negative and more realistic
  • There is an overall improvement in your child’s mood
  • Your child uses coping strategies on his own when he experiences negative feelings

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