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Child and Youth Education

Child and Youth Education

Child and Youth Education
the formal review of information with the child about how his problem developed. The goal of doing this technique is to empower the youth with knowledge about his problem. This is also done to provide a rationale for doing treatment. This technique is also known as Psychoeducation-Child in the literature.

Warning: this should not be confused with tutoring or receiving educational support through the school system.

What should my therapist be doing?

  • Helping your child to understand their current mental health condition
  • Encouraging your child to be interested in participating and learning about different treatments
  • Provide your child with hope and optimism about getting better
  • Normalize your child’s concerns by pointing out that many others have experienced their types of difficulties and have improved over time

What should I be doing?

  • Learning about your child’s mental health condition through materials recommended by your therapist
  • Asking questions of your therapist as needed (e.g., Will my child always have this condition?)

How will I know if it is working?

  • Your child should feel less stigma
  • Your child should have more hope and optimism about improving
  • Your child is interested in learning about how to cope with his psychological condition

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